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How to choose curtain decoration based on the shape of the window


How to choose curtain decoration based on the shape of the window


1、 Window decoration needs to be personalized according to the window design. There are many changes in the layout of commercial residential buildings, and the shape of windows is first and foremost diverse. Therefore, understanding the characteristics of window types is the first step in choosing curtains. Horizontal windows, short and wide, are a typical type of window in modern housing. If there is no deep windowsill or radiator, using floor curtains will have a better effect; Observation windows, equipped with large pieces of glass, have a large area and require a lot of cloth. It is quite necessary to use heavy-duty curtain rails with mechanical devices such as drawstrings; Convex windows, tall bay windows can adopt floor curtains composed of several separate curtain fabrics. Between windows, each curtain fabric is tied separately, and continuous curtain boxes are used to connect each curtain fabric into a whole. If the bay window is small or curved, it can be decorated as a whole, using a double curtain, each of which can be fully extended to both sides of the window; Double windows, generally speaking, when decorating, it is best to treat them as one unit.


2、 The price of "shrink" curtain fabrics is influenced by the texture of the fabric. Cotton, linen, silk, and wool fabrics are more expensive, but they are also the most popular among consumers. At present, price is not the main factor that manipulates consumers, but the unique design of patterns has become an important factor in attracting consumers. Some new designs with floral patterns are the most popular. These fabrics with different textures have a certain shrinkage rate. When purchasing, it is best to loosen your hands a bit and print the size of the shrinkage. Currently, there is no standard for shrinkage rate, and the European standard is between 3% and 5%. It is best to ask clearly when purchasing. Curtains made of artificial fibers and fiber textures are better than cotton and linen fabrics in terms of shrinkage resistance, color fading resistance, and wrinkle resistance, making them suitable for rooms with strong sunlight. Many modern fabrics blend natural fibers with artificial fibers or fibers, thus combining the strengths of both.


3、 When choosing the texture of curtains, it is also important to consider the functionality of the room. For example, in bathrooms and kitchens, it is important to choose fabrics that are practical and easy to wash. These fabrics should be resistant to steam and oil pollution, and have a simple and smooth style. The living room and dining room can choose luxurious and beautiful fabrics. The curtains in the bedroom are requested to be thick, warm, and safe. The study curtains, however, should have good light transmission and brightness, adopting a light and elegant color scheme. In addition, the choice of fabric also depends on the room's demand for light. If there is sufficient light, thin gauze, thin cotton, or silk fabrics can be chosen; If the room has too much light, you should choose a slightly thicker wool blend or woven brocade to make curtains to resist strong light; The requirements for lighting in the room are not strict at 10 points. Generally, it is best to choose plain printed cotton or linen fabric. Kitchen, restrooms, etc. are more suitable for use with louvers due to moisture and oil fumes. In addition, wooden or bamboo louvers are also more suitable for leisure rooms and tea rooms, and curtains made of sun resistant and non fading materials should be used for balconies.


4、 Accessories should not dominate the curtains. Accessories are to the curtains, just like jewelry and clothing are to one. Having fewer accessories is not necessarily better. A small curtain accessory with a flawed lining can sometimes become a great hero in transforming the charm of curtains, while an improperly matched pendant accessory can also make a good curtain lose its beauty. So, carefully choosing curtain accessories is also an important aspect that cannot be ignored in the process of home decoration

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How to choose curtain decoration based on the shape of the window
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