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What should I pay attention to when buying curtains?



What should I pay attention to when buying curtains?


As one of the soft furnishings, curtains not only block light and protect privacy, but also have a certain decorative effect, combined with other decorations to create a more comfortable atmosphere for home space. Consider coordinating with the overall color of the living room, including walls, furniture, floors, and other large areas to ensure color coordination. For example, choosing warm toned lighting and wallpaper in the living room, if embellished with soft gauze, can create a peaceful and warm aesthetic. The selection of materials and patterns for curtains should be based on the living environment. In addition to considering the overall tone of the living room, the climate of the living area is also worth paying attention to. In the northern part of the residential area, which has been relatively cold for a long time, choosing thick warm colors and soft fabrics is obviously more durable and durable. Compared to being in the subtropical south all year round, the combination of blinds and rolling shutters, or fabrics with Tiffany blue, egg yolks, dirty pink and other non boring jumps are all good choices. Generally speaking, thin fabric curtains such as sheer cotton, tulle, mesh, etc. can penetrate a certain degree of natural light and are more suitable for large spaces that require communication with the outside world. Bedrooms with strong privacy are more suitable for choosing curtains with good adjustability and strong shading. The selection of curtains should not only consider coordination with the living room design, but also ideally achieve a reflection of the scenery outside the window. Overemphasizing the sense of hierarchy and decorative effects often leads to the loss of the originally anticipated beauty. The following four new material curtains are easy to match with modern living spaces, and beginners in decoration can easily grasp their essence.


01. Rolling shutter is a type of window decoration product, which involves processing the curtain fabric with resin, rolling it into a roller shape, and using ropes or chains to rise and fall. It is easy to operate, has a beautiful and simple appearance, and makes the window frame appear clean and tidy, making the entire room look spacious and simple. The waterproof performance of roller blinds is much better than that of ordinary cloth blinds, making them more suitable for humid environments. In home decoration, roller blinds are particularly suitable for use in bathrooms or kitchen rooms.


02. The blinds of the blinds are mainly made of aluminum alloy and wood bamboo paint, which are durable, easy to clean, non aging, non fading, sunshade, heat insulation, breathable and fire-resistant. Unlike traditional curtains, adjusting the angle of the curtain can better control the incoming light, and when not in use, it can be fully folded to avoid the feeling of dragging, especially suitable for small spaces. For example, in a study, desks are often placed by the window, and using blinds can provide soft lighting indoors without hindering aesthetics and homework. The bathroom space is also relatively small, and using blinds can enhance the overall feeling without affecting the lighting. If the balcony is designed as a leisure area, ordinary curtains block all the light and waste the geographical location of the balcony. It is better to use blinds, as the light can circulate while ensuring privacy.


03. The hanging curtain is divided into a soft silk hanging curtain and an organ hanging curtain. The soft silk hanging curtain, also known as the traditional cloth curtain, and the organ hanging curtain, also known as the vertical curtain, refer to the leaves hanging vertically on the upper rail, and the light can be freely adjusted left and right through the leaves to achieve the purpose of shading.

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What should I pay attention to when buying curtains?
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